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Greetings from Sunny Finland, where the skiing is perfect ALL year long…

Urban Skiing like you’ve never seen!

What’s a skier to do with all that sun and warm weather? SHRED SHRED SHRED. There really is no other answer. For brothers Ilkka and Verneri Hannula its just another day making the impossible happen on skis with friend Juho Kilkki at Real SkiFi. Stop trying to sound out their names and scroll through their back catalog on Janne Korpela’s Vimeo page. It’s not urban skiing like Tanner Hall taught us – it’s a lot more like the arcade video game version of urban skiing, five years from know, that you’ve been playing for 14 hours straight in a RedBull fueled fury.

Hopefully you’ve watched the movie by now – so we won’t be spoiling the action when we say that skiing without snow really makes us question what’s possible on skis? Eight years ago we we’re watching snowboarding’s Shaun White go for the gold with a half pipe that still makes us dizzy. This year we’re looking at Men’s and Women’s events in Slopestyle (urban skiing) AND half pipe. Look how far we’ve come from fur lined ski boots and skiing in our bathing suits. Real SkiFi pushes the urban skiing envelope so far it makes us wonder ‘What’s next?’ Of course, we said the same thing when the released episode 1, two years ago. As you can see, above is episode 10.

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urban skiing at its finest. courtesy of REAL SKIFI.