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This is the year Urban Skiing takes over!

Nick Goepper dominates with No Poles, an injured wrist, and more SHRED than a file cabinet after a government coverup

Nick Goepper did it, but he didn’t do it alone. He is the culmination of a massive soul-search that’s been going on in Ski Culture for the last decade. Maybe it started with Glen Plake, maybe before that. We know that urban skiing will one day just be called “skiing,” The Tanner Hall of Fame will be built in Boulder, and skiers on rails will be a normal thing in the Olympics. For now, we’re all just watching Nick Goepper SHRED like we’ve never seen him SHRED before – with no poles.

You’ll recognize Nick Goepper from the Dalbello and Volkl’s team photos, considering those company’s recent domination of the urban skiing market. Need proof? Check the podium photo from the Dew Tour: everyone on the Podium is riding The Wall from Volkl AND we’re pretty sure we saw more than one pair of Dalbello boots. Our walls are filled with Dalbello and we – literally – cannot keep the Volkl Wall in stock, its just too popular.

As STOKED as we are, we are a little nervous too… There’s something to be said for urban skiing in the alleyways behind office buildings, in the dead of night, under blizzard conditions: it’s punk rock – on skis. The meteoric rise of urban skiing is awesome cause running from the cops in ski boots is not. But get ready for a birthday card from your grandmother featuring a cartoon version of some jibbed out urban skiing dude, “Happy Birthday Bro.”

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