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anyone need a change of pants?!

Mike Wilson literally takes urban skiing to the edge, then dives over…

They say that leaders are born with a ‘look before you leap’ instinct, NOWHERE do they advise wearing skis while jumping or jumping from 3,600 ft tall bridges. In fact, our mom warned us about people who do that. In this edition of Zimmermann’s Urban Skiing Blog we follow Mike Wilson as he jumps off one of the highest bridges in the country: Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Here’s 5 reasons why we’ll never be as awesome as urban skiing legendMike Wilson

  1. At 3,600ft we’re cruising through the park or shredding the groomers, Mike is jumping off bridges.
  2. Mike invented the WilsonFlip (an off-axis flippy thing that you have to see to understand). The only thing we’ve ever invented is… well, ummm… SO we haven’t ACTUALLY invented anything YET, but its coming.
  3. Mike Wilson takes urban skiing to the next level, we like to take the chairlift.
  4. Mike makes our favorite pro Nick Martini say, “WOA!” pretty often, sometimes Nick says, “Hi” to us.
  5. Mike can ski in 100 degree weather on crushed ice cubes. You’ll find us by the pool when it gets that hot.

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