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Skiing New Hampshire is where its at

Check your backyard, cause this whole state is a playground!

We’re from New Hampshire – OK, Austria AND New Hampshire. But if we had two hearts, one would definitely be found in the White Mountains. Of course, anyone that LIVES in New Hampshire knows that while world class resorts like Loon and Waterville are great – its really all the best kept secrets that make Skiing New Hampshire the best part of our year.

For instance, our first video of the week was filmed at Crotched MTN. This is, by all standards, a smallish ski area. Not somewhere you’d find big mountain legends like Callum Pettit and Kye Peterson hanging around at. BUT – and this is a big BUT – Bode Miller grew up skiing New Hampshire, Nick Martini grew up skiing New Hampshire, and the next batch of game changers are skiing New Hampshire right now.

Take Joe LaCourse and Tim Barret (featured above) – they SHRED. As featured skiers in Zimmermann’s Stroll Jam they set the bar – way high. They rip Crotched on the regular. And are probably plotting to take down a handrail somewhere as you read this. The point is that while New Hampshire doesn’t have 60+ feet of snow annually OR a plethora of 10,000+ ft mountains – skiing here makes you tough as ice (AND we’re not talking ice cubes, we’re talking that solid, blue, 3 ft thick ice that stays frozen through August). Joe and Tim are probably better than average skiers, but when it comes to toughness on the slopes, you’ll find a pic of these guys in the Ol’ Granite State Dictionary, right next to “Skiing New Hampshire.”

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