kid skiing

Have you ever considered learning a new winter sport? Maybe you ski and have always been interested in snowboarding. Maybe you’re tired of suffering through New England’s bitter winters without any source of entertainment, and have considered learning to ski. Well, there is no better time to learn than right now!

Why is now the best time to learn? Because the warmer temperatures in March makes nice, soft snow.  Soft snow is easier to hold an edge, which makes controlling your skis or snowboards far easier than the icier conditions that can be found in the dead of winter. But without question the best part of learning a new winter sport in March is that it’s much more forgiving if (…when) you fall.

girls snowboarding

Here at Zimmermanns, we have a few helpful hints to get you started:

  • Look where you WANT to go (more often than not people are staring down at their feet trying to observe the never-before-seen contraptions on their feet)
  • Keep your knees relaxed (think of your knees as shock absorbers, also it’s easier to balance with bent knees versus locked knees)
  • TAKE A LESSON!! (nothing can compare to being under the watchful eye of a trained professional)

In addition to those on-snow tips, another key to winter sports is preparing your body with the right gear and equipment. And there is no better place in New England to find affordable ski and snowboard gear right now than Zimmermanns Skis, Boards & More! Literally everything is on sale. So before you head out to chase your dreams and try that new sport you’ve been putting off, head down to Zimmermanns before winter passes.

See you on the slopes!