Ahhh, ski boots. Has your face ever lit up when thinking of putting on your ski boots? Probably not. Most people reasonably assume such a phenomenon isn’t possible. But they’d be wrong.

I saw an interesting thing this morning. Someone, when trying on a new ski boot, had an expression on their face as if they had just won the Super Bowl. It is not uncommon to see someone’s face light up when they enter a new, more comfortable boot. But this individual, who had always felt he was in between sizes, got up in his ski boots and, well, he wasn’t quite dancing, but it was something like dancing. He had never found the perfect fit before, and finding the right boot changed his whole attitude toward ski boots.

At Zimmermanns we like putting that smile on people’s faces when they find the right boot. We’ve found there two types of people: A) people who have had one ski boot for twenty years and aren’t sure if there is a more comfortable boot out there for them, and B) the people who know they have uncomfortable ski boots and just assume that is the way all ski boots are.

All of that being said, there are still a few things you should know about buying new boots.


  • New ski boots will NEVER be comfortable on the first day of skiing
  • You want the boot to be as tight and snug as possible without being painful
  • You need to make sure the flex (stiffness) of the boot is appropriate for your skiing ability
  • Often times an aftermarket foot bed is needed, and sometimes finding the perfect fit doesn’t happen on the first try

The best news is that most Zimmermanns ski  boots are on sale now! So there has never been a better time to dance into some new ski boots. Even your wallet will be dancing with joy.