No, the MORE in Zimmermanns Skis, Boards & More does not stand for Bathing suits. It wasn’t all too long ago when we wished we did carry them, we might have had a chance to sell something. December was the warmest on record, January a roller coaster and February is turning out to be a snow filled chilly one.

Just when things couldn’t get any crazier, scientists are saying that this weekend  you will literally be able to freeze your face off. It is going to so much colder than in the past few months, you won’t believe it ! Welcome to New England, home of the Patriots and freaky weather !

So what does this mean to ski and snowboard enthusiasts ? It means let’s crank up the snow guns, it means get your boards sharpened and waxed, it means that the weather you have been waiting and praying for is finally here ! It also means you need to check your gear bag and make sure that your facemask is in it. If not, follow these simple steps:

  1. Do not panic.
  2. Get in your car.
  3. Go directly to Zimmermanns Skis, Boards & More where they have plenty of them.
  4. Buy one (maybe 2, one for backup)
  5. Get out and enjoy WINTER !

We are skiers and snowboarders! We hate summer ! We dream about seeing our breath. Believe it or not, this weekend, despite the medias attempt to make you stock up on canned goods, water and to stay indoors, we know that if you dress for it, this weekend will be awesome outside. Winter has arrived, get out there and enjoy it ! It’ll be gone before you know it !