An accurate New England weather map.

An accurate New England weather map.

Above, is the weather map we would all like to see. It is both descriptive and accurate. It sums up at least how I feel when there is a big storm on the horizon.

It goes without saying that this winter has been more of a rollercoaster than a chairlift ride, but it is far from over.

December was warm, January was a mix of things and February hasn’t started off on the right foot either (Damn Groundhog).

BUT, we are New Englanders. We can handle -30 temperatures and 10 feet of snow. We can also handle the milder winters like this one. As someone who has spent a great deal of his life in NE, I know that things can, and often do, change in the blink of an eye. Short sleeves one minute and shoveling the next.

There is talk on the news right now that we are getting snow in the early hours of Friday morning. Could be a little, could be a lot. Only time will tell. I for one look forward to it.

I ask you once more to get out and do your best snow dance. It could mean the difference between getting out the shovel or the snow blower. I, like so many other winter enthusiasts, am counting on you to get out and shake your money maker for the greater good. Think you can’t dance ? You probably can’t. But it simply doesn’t matter. Good, bad or ugly get out and dance for the love of snow. If you do, get a video of it and post it on our Facebook page @ZimmermannsNH and if yours is the best, you could win great prizes and gift cards. Use #LetItSnow to be entered.