MEGA BOOT SALEA new pair of ski boots starting at $99? That’s right, a new pair of ski boots starting at $99.

A new pair of ski boots for 50% off? That’s right, a new pair of ski boots for 50% off.

It’s fair to ask–how is this possible?

We here at Zimmermanns didn’t think these prices were possible either, but right now they are. We’ve been cleaning out our back stock of older model boots, and boots we won’t carry next season in preparation for 2016-17 ski boot inventory. And we need to get these boots out the door! There has literally never been a better time to buy ski boots. You won’t find better prices anywhere. We have a large variety of makes, models, sizes, men’s and women’s boots. So get in here quick before your perfect ski boot is bought by someone else.


HOWEVER, we are still professional boot fitters. And the wrong boot at the right price–is still the wrong boot. Remember, while everyone wants to save money, saving money on ski boots that hurt, or don’t fit right will not pay off in the long run. So your safest bet is to get down here this weekend while we still have loads of models and sizes.


We’ll see you soon.


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