How are your skis looking? Most die hard skiers and riders already know the importance of keeping your equipment maintained and tuned properly. But for those who don’t, here is why servicing your equipment is critical and you shouldn’t wait. 

Just like owning a car: getting the oil changed and tires rotated—maintaining your winter equipment is paramount for both on-hill performance and longevity. Do you find you’re not able to hold an edge in icier conditions? Are you unable to keep up with your friends even when your pointing it straight down the fall line? These are common indicators that your equipment might need some sprucing up before you head back out to the slopes. 

Zimmermanns offers full service tuning for any type of ski or snowboard. Here are some of the standard tuning packages we offer:

Green Tune – $29.99

This option includes base grinding, sharpening and a quick wax. This will get most skis and boards back to where they need to be. Green tunes can usually be done same day or next day, however, we do get very backed up certain times of the year so it’s best not to wait until the last minute if you can avoid it. 

Blue Tune – $39.99

This is usually our most popular tune-up package we offer. The blue tune adds structure and minor base repair to the ski or board on top of the services provided in the Green Tune. Structuring will provide less friction between the snow and your equipment giving you smoother gliding across the snow, and also helps make the base of your equipment more receptive to wax. The base repair will fill any deeper scratches with p-tex, and will bring most skis and boards, even in pretty rough condition, back to life. 

Black Tune – $49.99

On top of the blue tune, the back tune also puts an edge polish on your gear through a secondary machine which gives you a sharper edge that will stay sharp longer. We also finish this tune by waxing your skis or board by hand, which is going to help the wax absorb deeper into the base.

Double Black Tune – $79.99

The double black tune is not for the feint of heart. This tune is usually sought out by racers or someone with race experience who wants to go as fast as humanly possible. This is our most detailed and high-end tune, we finish quite a bit of work by hand to ensure perfection, and we can reset original factory edge angles—if you don’t know what that means, you probably don’t need it. 

Other general services and repairs we offer include but are not limited too: repairing core shots with base weld, epoxy work, hand waxing, and thanks to our experience over the years we can often fix issues that you thought were a sure sign you’re equipment was done for. 

For this season we also offer a variety of multiple tune-up punch cards. These make great gifts, are good for families with multiple skiers, or the die-hards out there that get multiple tune-up’s per season. Come in-store to find out how much you can save!

So get your equipment tuned-up soon, get out on snow often, and have a great rest of your winter!