At Zimmermanns we strive to give our customers the best value possible. We do that by being very selective about the products and brands we carry, and tirelessly compare what we carry to more expensive options on the market to ensure our customers are still getting the best quality. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, skiing and snowboarding are still inherently expensive sports.

Here are some hints and tips to help you, your family, and your friends get as many days on the mountain, for the least amount of money possible:

Book ahead of time

Almost all resorts will offer cheaper lift tickets if you buy them from their website ahead of time versus buying at the ticket window. Usually, you’ll need to book at least 24 hours ahead of time. Generally, if you buy your ticket at the ski resort window you’ll be paying the maximum amount possible. Buying online ahead of time may only save a few bucks, but sometimes you’ll really luck out, so check the websites of the mountains you are interested in visiting several days ahead of time. Checking is never a bad option either, but compare them with buying your tickets online from the mountain’s own website before purchasing on Liftopia—but buying early is the name of the game.

Book tickets and lodging together

Going to a mountain far away? Instead of buying the lift tickets, and then staying at the Day’s Inn or Motel 8 down the street or in the next town, check to see if the mountain you want to go to offers any sort of ski & stay packages. The hotels near the mountain, or owned by the mountain, want to fill all their rooms, and they will sometimes offer bundled pricing for staying and skiing at the resort. Again, these offers are most appealing if you book ahead of time.

How old are you?

Something to always consider before heading to the ski resort is how old everyone in your party is. Why buy a lift ticket for your five-year-old if your child may ski for free? Most resorts don’t charge lift tickets for children under a certain age, sometimes it is five-years-old, some resorts it is seven-years-old, but you’d be best served by checking before you pay. Also, are there any college-aged discounts or promotions—sometimes all you need to save is a current college ID. Are you a senior? Just because you still work doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for “senior” pricing. Most mountain’s adult lift tickets are the most expensive and are for people between the age of 18-64, but some resorts have an earlier age for who qualifies as a “senior.” You may not like identifying yourself as such, but it never hurts to check first.

New England Ride and Ski Card

The Ride and Ski Card can be purchased right here at Zimmermanns! This is not a promotion for us as we make exactly $0.00 each time we sell one. The card costs $25, with all of the proceeds going to CHAD (Children’s Hospital At Dartmouth)—so you also get to feel good about yourself. Through the card you get access to a wide-variety of discounts and deals to mountains across New England. Come down to the shop and check it out!


Many resorts and ski programs are looking for unpaid volunteers: whether that is as a mountain ambassador, chaperoning your child’s ski club, working with special needs students, or volunteering in some other capacity—this is a great way for you and your family to save on lift tickets without tons of work required.

Now get out there and take advantage of the fresh snow, and above all else, have a great winter!