Fischer Vacuum MachineBoots are the absolute most important part of your skiing experience.  They are the difference between the most epic day you’ve ever had on the mountain, and absolutely destroying your love for the sport.  Nearly every person I know that has given up on the sport has done so due to boot related issues.

Between all of our staff working in our retail location, we have thousands upon thousands of hours of training, experience, instruction, and overall understanding of the boot fitting process.  Unfortunately, that does you absolutely no good without you being here with us to help you out.

The number one issue we see, when people buy boots online is they are usually bought too big.  Even when you go into some ski shops, you can get some bad intel. If the person helping you asks you what your shoe size is, you should immediately turn around and walk out the door, make that run out the door.  Shoe size means absolutely nothing in the world of ski or snowboard boots. Shoe size doesn’t mean anything when you compare sizes between shoe brands. Nike runs different from Adidas, who runs different from New Balance. Our staff takes the time to find the right boot to work with the size of your foot, width, ankle bones, and any other common, or not so common problem areas.  More often than not, we can narrow the selection of proper choices down to two or three boot models, simply by asking a couple questions and looking at, and measuring your feet. Plus, all the “fitting” is included for the entire first season, if you buy them from us. Try getting that on line.

Sure you can always send them back, but it may take a day or two of skiing or riding to realize that the boots are the wrong one, and now you can’t send them back anymore. There is a stigma that ski and board equipment is always cheaper online, but the wrong boot at the right price, is still the wrong boot! With lift tickets costing what they do these days, you want to spend as much time on the hill as possible, not sitting in the lodge wondering why your feet hurt so much, and what to do about it. See the experts, and get it done right the first time.