Depending on who’s numbers you like better, the snowboard industry is down in sales and participation to the tune of 30-50% in the past five years !

The big question is WHY ?

The bigger question is WHY, when things are down, is Zimmermanns showing steady increases in their numbers over the same time period ?

Rather than spend too much time on the doom and gloom and boring you with my theories on what the problem(s) are, I will tell you why I think Zimmermanns Skis, Boards & More is leading the pack in a down market. Go look at the board in your garage or where ever you keep it. If you compare it to the new models in snowboard shops today, you will notice very few differences.
The new ones might be shinier and less scratched than yours, but for all intensive purposes, it is the same as the one you have. Now let’s assume that you ride 10 days a season, and a board will hold up from riding it 80-100 days, most of you will have the same board for up to a decade. And with the fact that not much has changed from your old one, why would you buy a new one ?
The truth is that there are several board companies who are trying to build a better mousetrap and have the financial ability to spend time and money on R&D. Zimmermanns has been watching these brands closely and have identified those brands and models that aren’t in your garage already. We have something truly new and exciting that will make you a better more confident rider. The brand names may surprise you but the difference in the ride will blow you away.

Bindings, plastic or metal frames with straps. They haven’t changed that much either right ? Wrong. There are several brands of bindings that have simply gone through a color change and buckle upgrade, but essentially are the exact same thing you strap into already. I mean how much could you do to a binding to change it ?
Once again, there are several companies trying to evolve the sport of snowboarding and have listened to the riders on the hill at all ability levels, to determine what is wrong with the current gear and how to truly make it something special. Zimmermanns has also identified these brands and has taken a real interest in partnering with them to be able to offer you something truly unique and different.

Boots, what could you do to a boot to make it different ? It’s a boot. Over the past few years, there has been a real shift in boot comfort and technology. These improvements mean a major shift in control due to a better boot to binding “fit”. In addition to the performance enhancements the boots Zimmermanns has selected are warmer and way more comfortable than many other models available in the market today.
We know this because we test them all. We spend time on the hill in all kinds of conditions testing boards, bindings and yes, even boots. So when you’re looking at your old board and wondering why or what you should do regarding an true upgrade and not just a graphic change, come see us at Zimmermanns, you’ll be glad you did !