For the past two years, Zimmermanns has participated and grown what is arguably one of the most interesting spectacles at the Downtown Winter Stroll. In a short time we have taken it from a sideshow for curious onlookers to a main event with a built in fan base. It has brought a targeted age demographic of both Nashua and Non-Nashua residents to an historic happening here in town. A happening much in need of some fresh air and young blood. We have run a safe and professional event and have done everything asked of us, and then some.

Sadly, as we prepare for this year’s Rail Jam new hoops, hurdles and a strong suggestion that there be change of venue, are causing things to not go as smoothly or as quickly as we would like. The clock is ticking and with the various committees and groups that need to discuss each detail of this proven event, and the time required to get an answer back (favorable or not) is causing us to slow to a snail’s pace regarding other aspects of this event, like advertising, athlete selection, safety briefings, assembling a construction team etc. Time is a luxury we simply do not have at this stage of the game. We have done more with less in the past, but that is not when we are at our best.

Additionally, after looking at the sheer financial out of pocket expense we have incurred each year for this event, adding in the $2,500 donation to Great American Downtown, tacking on the additional insurances now required, then add in unforeseen costs that can arise like those we encountered last year, as well as the absence of any quantifiable return on our investment, we have decided not to participate in this year’s stroll.

No one knows what the future holds, should the powers that be feel that Zimmermanns and the Rail Jam could be an asset to the stroll once again on another occasion, feel free to contact me directly at