The world is filled with fake news and alternative facts. One of the most universal misconceptions is that everything is cheaper online. While this can sometimes be true, it is not always true. In the world of specialty retail, like ski shops, it is always cheaper to buy local than to buy online. Crazy, right? But it’s true: buy local, save money!

No Hidden Fees or Extra Charges:

When you buy a pair of skis from Zimmermanns that costs $499, you pay exactly $499. But not only that, we’ll mount your skis and adjust your boots to your bindings–for free (a $100 value). If you buy a $499 ski online, you’ll probably have to pay tax, shipping and handling, and a $100 for mounting, now you’ve suddenly paid more than necessary for that ski you bought online.

Boot Performance Guarantee:

It’s one thing to buy shoes online, you walk around and if they don’t fit then you send them back and get a new size. No big deal. Everyone knows how they like shoes to fit. And unless it’s a shoe designed for a specific sport, a shoe is a shoe, you don’t really need to worry about performance when it comes to walking around.

Buying ski and snowboard boots is a completely different animal. How tight is too tight? How comfortable is too comfortable? Do you need something slightly adjusted? Are you going to need an after market foot bed? What can you do if you like your boots but they aren’t quite perfect?

When you buy boots at Zimmermanns we have years and years of boot fitting experience and we are so confident in our ability to fit ski and snowboard boots that we guarantee the fit. Plus, with new technologies and materials in boot shells and liners, many boots can be molded specifically to your feet. When you buy a boot at Zimmermanns we work with you for as long as it takes to get you the perfect fit–for free.

On the flip side, if you buy boots online A) they’re most likely going to be the wrong size, and B) if you need them molded that will cost between $50-$100 each time it needs to be done. You are taking a huge gamble by buying boots online. You’ll pay the same price or more online, and then you’ll be paying a ski shop even more money to mold your boots. Again: Buy local, save money!

Warranty Issues:

Online companies simply cannot offer customer service, let alone all of the knowledge and advice you’ll get at a high-end, specialty retail store like Zimmermanns. If you need something warrantied, or are concerned something isn’t working right with something you buy online; good luck getting that taken care of. An individual with very little buying power has a nearly impossible time getting something warrantied, and an online warehouse won’t be much use either, however, if you buy a ski from us and you have a warranty issue we will take care of everything for you–no headache, no cost, no hassle. Instead, you can just buy the same product here, be assured you are purchasing the right equipment, pay the same price, and have the peace of mind that we’ll deal with any issues you may have.



Here’s the truth about buying in-store versus buying online: on current year inventory all ski and snowboard retailers must offer the same advertised price until a certain date. After that date, everyone is allowed to advertise whatever price they want. We know this, and we base our in-store prices compared on what the Internet is advertising. There is another sneaky trick the Internet is guilty of that very few people know.

MSRP vs. Retail prices:

MSRP stands for “Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price” and it is always more expensive than actual retail prices. So if you see something online advertised as 40% off, it is most likely 40% off MSRP, which is only about 10% off normal retail price. At Zimmermanns, our beginning selling price is the actual retail price, we may have MSRP marked, but that is never what you’ll pay when you shop here.


Don’t be fooled. Be a savvy shopper. Get the best equipment at the best price. Buy local, save money.