There is one common phrase we hear when people come with ski boots bought from other ski shops or online, “my boots suck.” It is the most common complaint among skiers. For avid skiers, there is no point in getting up early on your day off from work and buying a lift ticket just to have that moment of dread when it comes to putting your ski boots on. We are firm believers that ski boots don’t have to suck.

However, Zimmermanns has a solution for painful ski boots…our ski boots suck too.

But they don’t suck in the way you are thinking. They suck in the good way. For skiers who have bunions, hammer toes, protrusive ankles, have had foot surgery, or any other foot symptom that causes every ski boot to be painful: you’ll be in heaven when you try on a Fischer Vacuum boot!



One huge advantage of Fischer Vacuum boots at Zimmermanns is that we do all of the customization you’ll need with our Fischer Vacuum Fit machine—for FREE. Normally, that process costs $100. But with our boot fit guarantee we take care of our customers all season long when they purchase ski boots from Zimmermanns.  The process involves heating up the ski boot shell and the liners, stepping onto our Fischer Vacuum Fit machine where one of our specialized boot technicians will use the pressurized fitting system making sure your boots are tight where they need to be tight, but give you space where you need space.

For people who have never found a comfortable pair of ski boots, we have the answer to all of your problems…because our boots suck!

We have a wide variety of Fischer Vacuum boot models and sizes, but get in before the snow flies so you can be ready for a season of skiing comfort!