This winter has been quite a weather rollercoaster so far, but that’s New England, right ?

Early snow in November reminded us that winter was just around the corner, or so we thought/hoped. Then rain and warm weather stripped us of all that wonderful snow and left us wondering when the white stuff would return.

The weather continued to be more spring like than winter, that was until now. The first week of January brought some more snow, then rain and now REAL cold. This is New England, and this is what we have to deal with. On the plus side the cold weather lets the areas fire up the snow guns and do what Mother Nature isn’t.

Truth be told, the mountains have done a great job making the best of what they had to work with. Our staff has been out on the hill a bunch and the conditions are not bad at all. Sure there are some spots where cover is thin but with great grooming the skiing and riding is for the most part, not bad at all.

My suggestion is to forget what your back yard looks like, get up off the couch, grab the wife and kids and get up north. Take advantage of the fresh air, the scenery and enjoy New England skiing while you can.