Just one of the spectacular views !

What a difference a couple of weeks can make here in New England !

Let me start with something really positive. The skiing and riding in NH, ME and VT is exceptional right now. Arctic temperatures have made it so the hard working snow making crews out there are able to almost as good a job as Mother Nature. The dry cold air and the new fan guns give the droplets of moisture more “hang time” and the snow falls like sugar. Powder Sugar !

As for the extreme cold and wind, this is something that as New Englanders, we should be able to handle. The best way is to just dress properly for it. Base layers (long underwear) the right mid layers and a waterproof, windproof outer layer should do the trick. Add into the mix good socks, gloves, hat or helmet and a face mask and you’ve got what it takes to brave the cold.

And just in time to do battle with the elements, Zimmermanns Skis, Boards & More in TAX FREE Nashua, NH has just received shipments of all those cold weather necessities. Stop by and get all the things you need to stay toasty warm.