At long last, my dreams of producing a game show are becoming a reality ! Tomorrow we begin shooting the pilot for Chairlift Challenge a game show that takes place on random chairlifts all over the USA ! Unsuspecting contestants answer trivia questions while they ride their way to the top of the mountain ! Questions start off as Green Circle (easy ones) and gradually get harder (Blue Square & Black Diamond). Prizes range from a cup of Hot Chocolate in the lodge to Big prizes including POV cameras, Helmets, Goggles, Sunglasses, T-shirts, Hoodies, Gift Cards and more ! If the lift stops that triggers a Stopped Chair Bonus Question where contestants play for lift tickets, good for another day at the resort. Answer all the questions right and play for a winner take all “Double Diamond” question. Get three wrong and the game is over ! A huge thanks to Gunstock Mountain Resort for working with us on this and letting us shoot the pilot episode. Like the page and stay tuned for the first show ! Find us on Facebook at Chairlift Challenge !