Salomon Huck Knife

Here at Zimmermanns we pride ourselves on carrying the best selection of gear for East Coast skiers and snowboarders from casually intermediate to die-hard powder chasers. It can be difficult to review boards Online because many ski and snowboard tests are done by professionals out West. 

The goal of this article is to help guide you toward some of our best boards for New England riders, both for men and women. So without further ado, here is our top 5 list for each.

*All photos taken by Zimmermanns own


Salomon Huck Knife 

After years of boards having more and more rocker in the profile, camber is back! It is not the clunky unforgiving camber you may remember from twenty years ago. The Huck Knife has a comfortable camber profile with just a hair of reverse-camber at the effective edges, so it’s far less catchy than the cambered beast collecting dust in your garage. If you like boosting jumps in the park, or just laying trenches on groomers—this is the board for you.

Lib Tech Cold Brew

The Cold Brew is the definition of a quiver-killer. Lib Tech’s magne-traction makes gripping icy East Coast conditions far less terrifying. This board has the C2 rocker/camber profile, which is plenty of camber for control on groomers, but generous rocker that can plow through the few epic powder days that we get.  Whether you just ride at nights in Massachusetts or are taking a trip out West: you’ll want this board with you.

Arbor Westmark Camber

The blunted tip and tail of Arbor’s Westmark series is perfect for any rider who likes to get all jibby and buttery. This true twin board will ride all-mountain, but excels for anyone who plans on shredding up the terrain park. It features Arbor’s grip-tech which helps any East Coast rider maintain edge contact on New England’s variable conditions (“variable” is a fancy way of saying icy). But the coolest feature of this board is the uprise fenders at the contact points which makes for easier turn initiation without compromising the park rider’s desired pop of camber.

Rossignol Templar

This classic model from Rossignol has been a fan favorite for years. For the price it is one of the best values out there, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck with the Templar. It’s a directional board with Rossignol’s Edge Tech and Rad Cut making for really effortless yet responsive turning. The Templar is perfect for anyone who just likes cruising wide-open groomers or charging down New England’s steepest terrain. 

Never Summer Heritage

The Heritage is one of the boards that put Never Summer on the map as one of the best handmade board companies around: and by popular demand the Heritage is back! Do you like going fast? Then you’re going to love this board, the Heritage on the stiffer side, but using Never Summer’s original rocker/camber profile not overbearing to maneuver. It will literally handle anything New England could ever throw your way. 


Salomon Wonder

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the Salomon Wonder. Camber through the middle of the board with rocker at the tip and tail, it is a great board for someone who is still progressing and learning, but also great for the experienced rider. The directional twin shape, the rubber dampening under foot, and the basalt stringers built into the board make it perfect for nearly everyone.

GNU B-Nice Asym

Tired of reading yet? Watch this video we made featuring the GNU B-Nice Asym! If you don’t feel like watching this video, then just know this board is awesome, and you’ll absolutely love it. Enough said.

Arbor Poparazzi Rocker

Everyone has different goals out on the hill. Whether you are just getting into the sport, or an experienced rider who enjoys snowboarding but isn’t trying to break the bank (or break themselves) the Poparazzi is perfect. A mild flex, grip-tech, and plenty of rocker this board is fun and forgiving. If you get the Poparazzi you won’t have to over think anything–it’s main goal is to make snowboarding easier and more enjoyable.

Rossignol Meraki

This board has a ton in common with the men’s Rossignol Templar listed above. The Meraki is a great price, has Edge Tech and Rad Cut, a blend of camber and rocker; the main difference is that the Meraki is a true twin so if you dabble in the park or want to improve your switch riding this board is an optimal choice. Brand new for this year, the word Meraki means “to dedicate yourself to something with creativity, soul, and passion” and this board does that beautifully.

Never Summer Women’s Proto

Year over year this is always the first board we sell out of–and with good reason. For the experienced female shredder who isn’t scared of any terrain the Women’s Proto is everything you’ve ever wanted from a snowboard and more. Terrain park, trees, mach-10, ice, pow, corduroy, slush–this board can handle it all and handle it perfectly.  If you regularly keep up with the boys, the Women’s Proto is the tool you’ll need to make them eat your snow!


This is just a guide. Just because a certain board didn’t make the list doesn’t mean it isn’t a great option for you. Also, we have TONS more in stock than just these boards mentioned. Do some research, but nothing on the Internet can help you as well as our friendly, knowledgeable Zimmermanns staff members who have tested all the boards we carry. Come down and see us soon before the snow beings to fly!