If you ask most doctors, they will tell you that if there is something wrong with your feet, it will throw off your entire body. The same applies with skiing. Your boots are the most important piece of equipment and if there is a problem, you won’t be having a good day of skiing. The easiest modification you can make to your boots to make them some of the best boots you’ve ever owned is by simply adding in a new footbed.


The foot beds that come stock in the boots are a flimsy piece of foam with no support whatsoever. What this means for your foot is that while you are trying to turn your skis and laying the skis on their edges, your foot is fighting to keep the arch supported. When the arch collapses, it causes your anklebone to roll slightly and rub against the side of the boot and your foot print to grow slightly causing your toes to hit the front of the boot. Beyond this, while the muscles in your foot are fighting all day to stay supported, it will cause your foot to fatigue and tire out quickly and get sore.


So what will this foot bed do? It will give you arch support. It will take the stress off of the muscles of your foot and negate all of those issues we talked about above. Most of the foot beds we use are very low profile and will not alter the amount of volume in your boot. Often times, due to the overall shape and profile some people find it gives them a little bit of extra toe room in a boot that may already be a little bit tight.