There are so many different kinds of skis, boards, boots, and bindings out there, how could you possibly be able to narrow down what is right for you? Well this is where we come in. Buyers guides can be great if you know what you are looking for. The problem lies in that some of them don’t do a great job at differentiating all of the different kinds of skis out there. Just because a magazine says, “This ski is awesome and its 135mm in the waist!” Does not necessarily mean it’s for you.


That’s all well and great, but what if you are skiing on the ice skating rinks on the east coast (also known as the “mountains” here)? That ski is not going to perform as great as it claims to be. If you know that you are comfortable with a ski like that and it is exactly what you are looking for, then great! It just sealed the deal for you. But if you need help deciding, there is no better help in the world than a local ski shop.


We spend the time to ski all of the skis on our wall. They have made it into the shop for a good reason and there are reasons that we have chosen not to bring in others. Our employees will be able to guide you through our confusing wall and narrow it down to what will best suit your needs.