I’ve bought numerous things including skis, boots, and accessories through the years. I decided to post a review because of how helpful they were today to one of my friends.

I went skiing at Waterville Valley today and my friend had terrible issues with her new boots. She was totally miserable. So I said lets go to Zimmermans and they will fix you up.

When we got there Stefan (the owner) offered to help her. It took him about a minute to diagnose the boots as not being correctly fit and not worth trying to fix. He then told her to go back to the store she bought them at and ask for her money back. He then started explaining exactly why the boots were wrong for her and gave her 2 models that he said he knew the competitor carried. He said go there and get them to trade them in for the correct ones. He even offered to call someone at the store he knew to help her with the process.

I was beyond impressed and so was she. She decided to just buy the boots from Zimmermans and then work out the deal with the bad boots. She also swears she will know buy all her ski equipment from Zimmermans in the future.

So the moral of the story is buy all ski equipment from Zimmermans! They are not always the cheapest, but the amount of knowledge and honest advice is more than worth the price.