We hope everyone has had an amazing season!

All lease equipment is due back by Saturday APRIL 15th 2023.

Looking to extend your season? you may keep your lease equipment until April 30th 2023 for a $20 extension fee per package. (charged at time of return)

Failure to return equipment by 4/15/23 will result in a $20 extension fee per package, Allowing a new return date of 4/30/23. (charged at time of return)
Failure to return by new return date (4/30/23) will result in Replacement fee as stated in lease agreement ($200+). see contract or contact store for more details.

Following these steps will ensure a quick and efficient drop-off.

Equipment MUST be free of DIRT & STICKERS (except Zimmermanns barcode)
Boots also need to be BUCKLED & DRY.

  • If equipment is NOT free of personalization, dirt or dry it may result in cleaning fee.
  • if boots are NOT Dry (wet liners) or have been abused in use of pond skim it may result in cleaning/replacement fee.

If you participated in our 5 and under program, you will be prompted to either roll your deposit over into the following season or receive a gift card for the full amount.

We are also now accepting prepays for the 23/24 season.

Prepay Here