Ragged Mountain Ski Area Danbury, NH USA

Ragged Mountain Ski Area Danbury, NH USA

Zimmermanns and Bretton Woods part ways after what was considered by many to be a great relationship. Bretton Woods made the conscious decision to grow their Season Pass Program this year. They decided to offer it all over town and watered down what was a we at Zimmermanns feel was a really great, special and unique deal offered by us, to our lease customers.

In an effort to “build a better mouse trap” and to make sure that our lease program remained the best around, we partnered with Ragged Mt. to offer an additional seasons pass. Our intention was to offer the New England Resort Passport booklet, full of lift ticket deals, AND “2” season passes instead of the one customers had been used to getting from us.

When Bretton Woods caught wind of our intentions to grow our program, they basically told us that we needed to make a choice and that we could only offer one pass to our customers. We tried to appease them, and even went so far as to try and rename the Ragged Mt. program, change it to a punch card, anything to make the two offers different. We spent countless hours trying to negotiate this to work for all parties involved. Despite our best efforts, Bretton Woods would not see how being flexible could benefit everyone, and gave us an ultimatum.

Since Ragged Mt. is closer to the majority of our customers, and since they are offering the pass to our customers 14 and under instead of Bretton Woods 12 and under, PLUS, NO activation deadline, the decision to choose Ragged Mt. was an easy one.

While we are disappointed to see our relationship with Bretton Woods come to a tragic end, we are confident that our new friendship with Ragged Mt. will be everything our customers could hope for in a ski resort and more. With glades and groomers, easy ways down and black diamonds, there is truly something there for everyone. Add in their 6 pack chairlift and you’ve got a short wait in line and an even shorter ride to the top !

Come in today and get your kids fit up with ski or board gear for the season and then find out why we at Zimmermanns say, Ragged Mt. is BIG mountain skiing and riding, close to home. You’ll be glad you did.