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…and now for (yet) another reason to start your favorite chant: US Olympic Ski Team Announced YESTERDAY!

We’ve probably been following the action a little bit too close. We set our cell phones to Colorado Time, started referring to Breckenridge and Park City as “The Qualifiers.” And (secretly) we’ve been hoping our favorite skiers DON’T GO to Winter X – as they would be in training for the Olympics. Well, the day has come: the US Olympic Ski Team has been announced.


  • US Olympic Ski Team – SLOPESTYLE
    • Men’s
      1. Nick Goepper
      2. Bobby Brown
      3. Gus Kenworthy
    • Women’s
      1. Devin Logan
      2. Keri Herman
  • US Olympic Ski Team – HALFPIPE
    • Men’s
      1. David Wise
      2. Aaron Blunck
      3. Lyman Currier
    • Women’s
      1. Angeli VanLaanen
      2. Brita Sigourney
      3. Maddie Bowman


Godspeed, Goodluck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!