So what is the deal with custom boots?  Is it really worth spending thousands of dollars on a custom designed and made boot specifically for you?  In all honesty, it really isn’t.  There is so much technology out there now with off the shelf boots that there is a boot out there for everyone, regardless of how messed up you may think your feet are.

The picture you see below is from a gentleman who had a pretty severe motorcycle accident.  He was told that he would never be able to ski again.  Not from a disability or damage done the would hinder him from skiing, but simply due to the fact that he would never find a boot that would be able to fit him.  Fischer came to the rescue and their technology is what allowed him to continue skiing.


Here at Zimmermanns we stock nearly 100 different models of ski boots.  Our experienced boot fitters will take the time to figure out what will work best for your needs to get you as comfortable as possible.  The days of having to have an uncomfortable, cold, and painful boot is gone.  But what happens if the boot isn’t quite perfect?

After trying on boots, and finding something that will get us as close as possible to a great fit, we also offer 20+ boot models that offer custom shells and/or custom liners that will allow us to truly customize and perfect that fit for you.  Sounds like a bunch of voodoo right?  Maybe a little gimmicky?  Magic, maybe, but a gimmick it really is not.  This stuff works, and it works great!  The best part?  You can spend as little as $299 on a custom boot here.

Now lets take this a step further.  What happens if you really want to get that truly precise fit?  Enter the world of the Fischer Vacuum Technology.  Three simple steps.  Cook the shell, mold the boot, and 24 hours later, you are out skiing!Fischer vacuum tech

These boots feature an additive in the plastic of the shell that allows us to heat them up, changing the shell into an incredibly soft and moldable plastic.  Here in the store, we have the Fischer Vacuum Machine.  Inside this machine is a compressor that will literally squeeze the boot around you foot to give you a truly precise mold of your foot.  Combine this with the heat moldable Somatec liners, and you will have one incredible fit!

Fischer Vacuum Machine