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As one of the pro staff here, it is my goal every single day to ensure that you get on the best equipment humanly possible. The most important thing is that the equipment we put you in not only suits your needs and abilities, but also your aspirations and goals in terms of skiing. If you are an intermediate skier but want to eventually become an expert, we want you in a ski that you can grow and progress with instead of something that will hold you back.

So what does all of this mean for you? When you come in looking for a ski, there are certain questions I ask and things I look for before we start discussing skis. Though most of the questions seem simple and trivial, the answers are vital to choosing the right ski for your needs. What is important is that I can find out exactly what type of skier you are. We’ve never skied together, therefore I am relying on the information you give me to guide you to the best decision possible. If you are a comfortable, intermediate level skier and describe yourself as an expert, you most likely will not enjoy the ski that is recommended. If you are a very strong, confident aggressive skier and tell me that you are a casual cruiser and are a little too humble, the ski will simply not be able to keep up with you.

Our goal is not to sell you the most expensive package on the wall. There is no commission here. I am here to help and assist you. There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of skis out there. Each year we take the time to test out as many skis as possible, often times this is between 10-15 skis/boards per person per day at a demo. That means that we typically ski nearly 400 different skis/boards per year! Obviously we cannot carry them all and often times, most simply just aren’t up to par for what is best for our customers. We take the time to take notes after demos, discuss what we liked and what we didn’t and why. This allows us to narrow down our ski and board wall to around 70 models of skis and 40 models of snowboards!

A lot of different factors go into choosing the right ski for each person. It’s a big process and we are here to help! We will guide you through all the confusing stuff and make sure you are in the right ski for you. But what happens if you come back and you simply just don’t like it? We’ve got your back. We will figure out what it is you don’t like and how we are going to fix it. It could simply just need a different tune, it may be a matter of skiing style, or maybe it just wasn’t the perfect match for you. Regardless, we will make sure that at the end of the day, you leave here happy.

Not only will we guarantee a smile on your face when you are out riding your new pair of skis, but we are also going to guarantee winter. Yes, you read that right, we are going to guarantee your winter! Any ski or board purchase between now and Thanksgiving will be covered! If there is not at least an inch of snow in our parking lot by January 15th, we will give you back a voucher worth 20% of your purchase! (See store for details). We’ve got your back, so you can buy with confidence.