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2014 Dalbello Boots Presents: The Voodoo

Whatever yoo-doo The Voodoo has you covered.


For 2014, Dalbello Boots has really stepped up their game. Officially classified as a “freestyle” boot, Dalbello has recognized that more and more skiers have diverse appetites when it comes to their time on the hill. This is exactly why a medium stiff freestyle boots sets the bar a bit higher – here’s the breakdown:

  1. Flex Rating: 90 (with scattered reports that in cold weather this feels closer to 105)
  2. Skier Ability: Advanced-Intermediate
  3. Trail Rated For: Park / Pipe / Big Air / Back Country / Freeride

If a stiffer freestyle boot that isn’t afraid to take a few out on the slopes sounds good to you – hold on to your hats – cause the Dalbello Boots Voodoo rings in at one of the best boots for-the-value you can get. Take that, expensive boots.

Take the 2014 Dalbello Boots Voodoo to places like…

waterville valley

Loon Mtn