2014 Blizzard Brahma Review Zimmermann's Skis Nashua NH

2014 Blizzard Brahma Review by Zimmermann’s Nashua, NH

2014 Blizzard Brahma

Review by Staff at Zimmermann’s Skis, Boards, & More


Let’s kick off the 2013 – 2014 season with a smooth ski from Blizzard. The 2014 Blizzard Brahma is heaven on two-planks. Super smooth, responsive, and fun. This is a ski for seasoned pros, back-bowl veterans, and riders that love to rip. Our in-house product testers loved testing this ski. They found that the 2014 Blizzard Brahma handled New England conditions as well as any freeride ski.


What sets the Brahma apart is the Sandwich Sidewall Titanium construction. Blizzard felt that every for every fresh and fluffy turn, there is at least one ice-ridden, hard pack cut to get there. And we know how variable the conditions are here. The 2014 Blizzard Brahma cuts deep, floats light, and allows riders of moderate to expert ability to dominate all sides of their favorite resort.


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Bretton Woods is a great place to take your brand new pair of the 2014 Blizzard Brahma

Sunday River Zimmermanns Zimmermann's Nashua NH

Sunday River Resort in Maine is a great place to let the 2014 Blizzard Brahma really show you its versatility.