Despite the grass showing in your backyard, there is still some great skiing to be had in New England. However, one of the keys to enjoying the blue skies, and higher temps of March is to be prepared for the unique snow conditions you’ll find. That’s why it’s a great time to come get your gear tuned at Zimmermanns. In fact, many would argue this is the best time of the year to get out there—so enjoy it!wax 1

Spring Conditions

Warm-temp wax and sharp edges will be your best friend as you wrap up your winter season. But you don’t want just any wax, warm weather wax is better for the softer, wetter snow found in March. The snow conditions are often described as “corn” in the morning. “Corn” is when the snow has been freshly groomed after the cooler nighttime temperatures, it is very easy to lay an edge into and is sometimes described as “hero snow” since you’ll be carving with ease and leaving a perfect set of railroad tracks in the snow behind you. Later in the day after the temperature rises and the sun has been beating down on the snow it takes on the consistency of “mashed potatoes.” The snow now has a lot of moisture and is heavier since the wetter snow is more dense. The mashed potato snow is usually bumped up from the turns made by skiers and snowboarders earlier in the day. Again, for this snow condition you’ll want a warm weather wax that is designed to glide better in the sloppier, wetter conditions.

Another reason to tune your skis before enjoying the March conditions is that it’s not uncommon to encounter a few patches of ice here and there. Popular trails and frequent trail crossings can have very thin coverage this time of the year. Plus, depending which direction a mountain or trail is oriented, the setting sun can cause shadows to cross the trail which can turn slushy, wet, mashed potato snow into ice pretty quick, and having sharp edges will keep you best prepared for all the conditions you’ll find this time of year.

wax 2

End of Season Tune

If, for whatever reason, you’re ready to hang up the skis for the season, it’s still a good idea to tune your skis before storing them. It’s kind of like storing a boat or a car for the winter. You don’t want the boat or a fancy sports car to be subjected to the elements. Similarly, with your skis or snowboard, you don’t want the base material to dry out during spring, summer, and fall. Likewise, it makes sense to fill any scratches or core shots you may have subjected your equipment too during the season before the offseason. Be nice to your equipment and it’ll be nice to you. Another tip (this one is free!) your skis and snowboards will look and perform much better next winter if you store them properly in the offseason: that means keeping your equipment away from damp and humid areas like garages, sheds, and basements. You’re skis and snowboards will thank you if they are kept in a warm dry place like an indoor closet or attic over the non-winter seasons. But, wherever you do keep your equipment make sure you come in and get it tuned. We’ll see you soon!wax 3