Live Fit 130

Atomic Live Fit 130, the best fitting high end comfort boot ever ! This thing has the engine of a sports car with the comfort of a Cadillac. Experienced skiers with a wide foot have been waiting for this gem. 

Live Fit boots have a special soft panel on each side of near the wideest part of the foot. The part we playfully refer to as the 6th toe area. This panel makes for instant comfort for feet of ANY width. The Live Fit family has 5 other models to choose from too. Infact we selected the Live Fit 80 for mens and the  Live Fit 70 for womens to use in our adult season rental.

If you have been waiting for comfort and performance to come together like chocolate and peanut butter, your wait is over ! Stop in and check it out today, you’ll be glad you did !