Zimmermanns Skis, Boards & More has started their “Cash for Carvers” trade in program. Trade in your old gear and get some new gear today !

After the winter we had last year you deserve some new stuff. You went through an almost perfect winter on old, crappy, out dated and maybe even embarrassing equipment. Little kids were pointing at you and asking what those things were attached to your feet ! People laughed when your ski tips scraped the top of the gondola. Come on, it’s time.

Zimmermanns will give you top dollar for your good bad and ugly ski or snowboard gear.

This is not a cash buy out, it is a trade in program. Trade a boot, get money off the purchase of a new 2014 boot. Trade a ski, get money off a new pair of 2014 skis. Trade a board and…….well you get the idea.

If we can fix em up, we might re-sell them, when the gear is newer and in good shape often we will donate them to the Special Olympics, and if they’re garbage then they go in the garbage. Either way they are worth more to us than they are to you just sitting in your garage or basement collecting dust.