Lease Fittings 1

1 Step Closer To Your Winter Gear


Step 1 & 2 MUST be filled out By ALL lease customers
(Including prepays)

Limit of 3 fittings per appointment.
If you have more than 3 people leasing equipment please make a second appointment for the same time or in the next time bracket.

Calendar goes Monday to Sunday so please be aware of the day you select. the last 2 days of the week are Saturday and Sunday.

Select a date from the calendar. Available time slots will be listed. Click to select the desired time and fill out the form below to complete your appointment reservation.

Booking this appointment does not put a hold on inventory. This is simply reserving a time slot for a fitting for you.

We cannot guarantee whether or not we have inventory for the leasee prior to an in person fitting. Shoe size and ski boot size have very little correlation and is EXTREMELY difficult to estimate over the phone. We will try our best to find equipment for you, However there is a possibility we will not have equipment in your size in stock.