ragged 2

Zimmermanns exclusive special offer to all family members of jr skiers and riders in our lease program is as good as it gets !

Zimmermanns and and Ragged Mountain have been working together to make skiing and riding affordable for families, and we have come up with a program that is an incredible value. First off, if you haven’t heard, ANYONE in our Jr. Lease program 14 years old or under get a FREE unlimited seasons pass, good for as much skiing as you can handle. BUT that’s not all, any direct family member of someone in our program 15-18 can get a seasons pass for just $399, ages 19-29 for just $449 and those 30-64 for a mere $499 !

Now, there is always a catch, and the catch in tis case is that you must call Ragged Mt at (603) 768-3600 Ext. 3001 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday before October 13th 2015 to purchase the additional passes. Naturally, you can pay for and pick up the passes in person if you prefer. Other than that, nothing, no hoops, no blackouts, nothing just tons of BIG mountain skiing and riding, close to home.