Lift Ticket Update

Thank you all for your patience. As you know by now, if you lease or buy your jr skis at Zimmermanns, you also get a FREE Seasons Pass to Ragged Mountain in Danbury NH. You also get an 80 page booklet full of lift ticket deals to almost every ski area in New England ! Unfortunately, despite our request to have the books by August 1st we still do not have them available. I have been on the phone and sending emails to those in charge of this program and have not been able to get a specific date on when the books will be available. I do know this, I have paid for them, and that they will be here way before the first ski area opens for the 2015/16 season.

The Ragged Mountain pass forms are available as are the BOGO Jr ticket to Gunstock. We are advising that the tickets all be picked up together. However, if you are in the area and feel like stopping by for what we have in stock now, feel free to swing in and say hi!

Just a friendly reminder, if you are in the pre-paid rental category and have not picked up your gear yet, Zimmermanns guarantees that you will get exactly what you paid for until October 31st. After that, you may be subject to additional charges based 0n current inventory levels.

Lastly, anyone in the lease program who has picked up their gear as well as those who have not, all get special pricing on accessories and softgoods (see store for details). This offer expires October 31st 2015.

We look forward to seeing you. We are open Monday through Friday 10-8 and Saturday and Sunday 10-6. Please call with any questions (603) 888-2155.