Here at Zimmermann’s we offer what we like to call the “Cash for Carvers” program.  This program is designed to allow you to bring in your used equipment for which you will be given credit toward purchase of new, in-season equipment. Most equipment is more often than not worth more in a private sale than it is in trade.

**Trade-in value will be given at manager discretion based on condition and age of equipment. Please bear in mind that some equipment may reach an end of life that is determined by the manufacturer (Some ski bindings will be determined unusable by manufacturer discretion).  Equipment will be traded on a “one to one” basis (ski for ski, boot for boot).  We cannot take in multiple items to be put toward the purchase of a single new item.  Please come in and speak with one of our managers for more details.

Trade-in value cannot be quoted over the phone or by email.

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