What!?!?! You’ve never had a pair of comfy, warm boots? Zimmermanns has the cure!

Custom Fitting

Fischer Vacuum Machine
Ever wondered what it would be like to have a custom fit ski boot without needing to declare bankruptcy?  What if we told you that we can make a boot custom fit to your foot and all your skiing needs for as low as $299.  Tecnica, Atomic, Salomon, Fischer,  and Dalbello all now offer a custom, heat moldable shell.  This lets you find the boots that fit you the best and lets us get you that perfect fit!


Accomplishing The Perfect Fit with ID Liners

The latest in custom fitting, ID liners. Dalbello ski boots have been working with Intuition ID Liners and helping it develop into what it is today. This heat activated system is the ultimate upgrade for skiers and snowboarders who are looking for a perfect fit. These liners mold to the unique shape of your foot. Keep in mind that this process takes a couple goes.  These liners are unique and will be adjusted to the shape of your foot and will occasionally need a couple tries to make them perfect! What could be better? After you ski or ride in a pair you will feel the difference. If you want to tweak them after a day or two on the hill, no problem, ID liners can be remolded and adjusted not only to what you need but what you want as well. Give them a try today. Intuition liners are available in Dalbello, Full Tilt, K2 and Ride boots.


Assistance from Experienced Professionals

No matter what day you come in to visit us, there is always a seasoned boot fitter here to help!  And don’t let their age fool you, our boot fitters have been training and practicing this art for years and learning from the best in the business.  We will take as much time as necessary to diagnose the issue and correct it so that you can get back out on the hill!

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