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Meet the Family

Stefan Hausberger
Owner since 1999, Stefan will celebrate his 32nd season with Zimmermanns this year. Starting when he was just 14, working part time, he learned the ropes from his father and uncle. He climbed the ladder until finally he was ready to take over the family business.
Vinnie Durham
Started with the Zimmermanns family in 2012. Vinnie was a quick study and quickly rose to position of GM. Vinnie brings with him a vast skill set and understanding of both customer service and importance of team building and product knowledge. Vinnie has a bright future in the ski and snowboard industry, and is currently involved in product testing and purchasing.
Brenda Nunes
Clothing Buyer
Brenda has a career in the ski industry that goes back 30 years.She is responsible for the incredible selection of jackets, pants and accessories Zimmermanns offers. She can spot a trend from a mile away. She has a particularly good eye for spotting the very best in kids winter clothing and accessories. Brenda also heads up our team of womens ski and board testers. An active participant in both sports, she is a major decision maker in the buying process for all of our womens ski and board models.
Jon Ellis
Asst. Manager
Some of his past jobs include: snowboard supervisor at Okemo Mountain Resort, Beer Captain at Harpoon Brewery (yes, we all love beer, very, very much!) and outdoor adventure guide. He has extensive experience within the industry as well as the perfect man to guide your Apres choices. He is well known for his bad jokes but also his passion for all things skiing and boarding. His passion took him all the way to Argentina this summer in search of fresh pow!
Scott Stevens
Asst. Manager
Scott and his love for the sport has taken him all over the country but his love for New Hampshire has brought him back home. He has skied all types of terrain and every style ski we carry at Zimmermanns. you couldn’t ask for a more versatile skier to get great help and advice.
Alex Kuhnert
Asst. Manager
Without Alex, the day simply would not run smoothly. Hard working and incredibly knowledgable of the sport. Alex has been skiing and boarding his whole life and has been coaching freestyle skiing and boarding for years. His style is effortless and there is no terrain he can’t handle. Need some good advice about park skis? Alex is your guy! He also had the ultimate fanboy moment when he got to ski with his idol, Glen Plake at Stratton while testing next years skis!
Kenny Unsworth
Ski Technician
Co-founder of Millyard Brewery in Nashua, NH (subtle product placement), Ken has been with us for over 5 years. We’ve been drinking his beer since it was home-brew. If he isn’t at Tuning your skis/board, he is brewing delicious beer (sometimes on tap here!) He will put the absolute most incredible tune on your skis/board. Whether its a quick wax or a full on race tune, no one is more knowledgable and cares more about the product he is putting out!
Bill Boyle
NorthFace Summit Shop Hanover, NH
Bill has been with Zimmermanns Summit Shop in Hanover, NH since day one. As we enter our 10th year on the Dartmouth College campus, Bill is the secret to our success there. Prior to working with the Zimmermanns Family, Bill was head buyer for an outdoors store in Boston, MA. When the store changed hands, Bill was looking for a new start and he found it in the north country of NH. Bill is a true outdoor enthusiast, so the VT border is a great place for him to call home. He is an active rock climber and enjoys passing on his knowledge of climbing to those just getting into it. Bill is the head buyer for the store and is responsible for all of the day to day activities needed to run our most northern location.
Rena Hausberger
Everything would come to a stand still if not for this little lady. Born and raised in the mountains of Austria, Rena has a background in the banking industry. She came to the US 18 years ago and took on the role of Book keeper. Not a single dollar comes in or goes out without her giving the OK. Being from Austria, getting her on the woman’s ski/board test team was a no brainer. In addition to keeping the finances straight, she plays an important role in choosing the line up for our woman’s ski and board lineup.